Dark Rose Valkyrie Review – Not Smelling of Roses

They say every rose has its thorns, and I can confirm that is true. Dark Rose Valkyrie does have its thorns and it also has a sweet smell, but to understand this laboured analogy, do read on.

Facebook has 2 Billion Monthly Users

Facebook has revealed that the social network sees around 2 billion users using the platform every month, that's an increase of 60 million in just a month's time.

Brawlhalla Summer Championship Series Kicks Off Next Month

After running the Spring and Winter Championships earlier this year, Blue Mammoth Games is back with the Brawlhalla Summer Championship Series! This major online tournament will be held on July 29-30 on the Brawlhalla Twitch Channel.

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Review (PS4)

After releasing on PS Vita back in 2014, Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls makes its way to PlayStation 4. While the jump from...

Only Xbox One X Owners will Download 4K Assets for Games

Microsoft has confirmed that games optimised for the Xbox One X will only download the assets on their upcoming console.
The Dark Tower Logo

New Teaser for The Dark Tower pits The Gunslinger Against the Man in Black

Sony have released a brand new teaser trailer for the movie adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower, and it puts The Gunslinger against The Man in Black.
Nintendo Switch Logo

Nintendo Switch Sales in Japan Surpass 1 Million

It's been revealed that the Nintendo Switch has surpassed one million unit sales in Japan, taking just 17 weeks to do so.

New Death Note Poster Gives a First Look at Ryuk

Netflix has unveiled the first poster for their upcoming movie, Death Note which gives us an incredibly creepy look at Ryuk. Death Note is a...



Twitch Affiliates to get Sub Buttons this Week

Twitch have announced that users will now be able to Subscribe to steamers in the Twitch Affiliate program. Last April, Twitch launched the Affiliate program,...

Here are your Games with Gold for July 2017

Another month, another selection of free games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers is on the horizon for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Somerville is the New Game From Ex-Inside Developer

After the release of the critically acclaimed puzzle-platformer Inside, co-founder of Playdead, Dino Patti, left the studio. Citing that he wanted to "seek new...
Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Ignis DLC Coming December

Square Enix have recently released a new add-on for the open-world RPG Final Fantasy XV titled Episode Prompto. Upon completing the episode, players will...

Meet the Bomb Shells of Agents of Mayhem

Deep Silver and Volition have unveiled a brand new trailer for their upcoming action game, Agents of Mayhem, which introduces players to The Bomb Shells.

Serial Cleaner Launches on PS4 on July 11

Curve Digital and iFun4All have announced that their upcoming crime-scene cleaning stealth action game, Serial Cleaner, is set to launch on PlayStation 4 on July 11.

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Twitch Affiliates to get Sub Buttons this Week

Twitch have announced that users will now be able to Subscribe to steamers in the Twitch Affiliate program. Last April, Twitch launched the Affiliate program,...

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds To get Xbox One & PS4 Release

The Battle Royale genre has had quite a sharp uptake recently; with the ArmA mod DayZ blazing the trail for this new style of...

The Golf Club 2 Review – It’s a Birdie

The Golf Club 2 – 04
The Golf Club 2 is the sequel to HB Studios debut golfing simulator, The Golf Club, and promises to offer better visuals thanks to shifting the game over to Unity 5, a better player creator, course editor, and of course a stronger focus on player ran Golf Clubs themselves. But does The Golf Club 2 improve the game's handicap at all?

I’ve Figured Out How to Use Two Headsets on your Xbox...

Xbox One Headset
Ever wanted to use two headsets on the Xbox One? Well here's how, if you play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that is..


Nerd Culture

Goku vs Irredeemable Too Violent to Work?

A fight to the death or the end of reality?

Where Could Netflix Go Next With Iron Fist?

Could Iron Fist have one last chance?

McFarlane to Release Lovely New Destiny Figures

If you've ever wanted to adorn your home with your favourite Destiny character but didn't want to break the bank, rejoice! There will be a much more affordable option for all you chosen ones out there.

Marvel Need to Keep The Ultimate Fantastic Four

When will we see The Fantastic Four make their return to the pages of Marvel Comics? It's probably only a matter of time, but what version will see?