Ultra Sun and Moon Will Be the Last Pokémon Games on 3DS

In an interview with IGN Game Freak director, Shigeru Ohmori said the upcoming Ultra Sun & Moon will be the 3DS' last Pokémon games.

Pokémon Go Halloween Event Announced, Brings Gen 3 Pokémon

Niantic Labs and The Pokémon Company has officially confirmed that Generation 3 Pokémon are coming to Pokémon Go this Halloween. Following rumours and data miners...

Frankenstein: The First 200 Years to Hit Bookshelves by Halloween

Frankenstein: The First 200 Years by Christopher Frayling will celebrate Mary Shelley’s classic story which, in January 2018, will turn 200.

Sesame Street’s Parody of The Walking Dead is Everything

Sesame Street has released a brand new parody video this time taking on AMC's hit zombie TV show, The Walking Dead.

Will Arnett to Host MINECON Earth

Microsoft and Mojang have announced that BoJack Horseman star, Will Arnett is to host the first ever MINECON Earth.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Campaign Trailer Arrives

Electronic Arts and DICE have unveiled a brand new trailer for Star Wars Battlefront 2 which highlights the game's anticipated single player campaign. It comes...

XSeed Promises Official Release Date for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns DLC

Two days ago, XSeed stirred its Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns fans up with a tweet that read " Of Sorts! The final chks...

Xbox One Fall Update Arrives… With Another New Dashboard…

As planned, Microsoft has released the big Fall Update for the Xbox One which, among other things, comes with a brand new "faster" dashboard. This...



Sony’s New Publishing Label to Release Games on Switch

Sony has set up a new game publishing division called Unties. They intend to focus on lesser known games and "unearth high-quality [indie] titles … and utilise SME's vast entertainment business wisdom in order to expose them to as many consumers as possible."

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Delayed

Microsoft has announced that Age of Empires: Definitive Edition has been delayed until "early 2018", a fairly surprising announcement considering the game is just a simple remaster.

EA Closes Visceral Games, Star Wars Game Changes Direction

Electronic Arts has this week announced that its shutting down Dead Space developer Visceral Games and moving current projects to other studios.

Hunt: Showdown Coming to Early Access, First-look Trailer Released

Crytek have released a twelve-minute gameplay trailer showing off their upcoming game, Hunt: Showdown, and it looks pretty damn incredible.

All New Eleven Trailer Released For Stranger Things Season 2!

Stranger Things season 2 is about a week away from premiering and it's getting harder and harder to wait for it's return! Last seasons finale...

Sonic Forces Spaceport Gameplay Revealed

Today another Sonic Forces gameplay trailer has been released to show off a new gameplay mechanic: The hookshot.

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XSeed Promises Official Release Date for Story of Seasons: Trio of...

Two days ago, XSeed stirred its Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns fans up with a tweet that read " Of Sorts! The final chks...

Six Months with the Lenovo Yoga Book: Review

Lenovo Yoga Book
Is the Lenovo Yoga Book the future of computing, or a stylish gimmick? I've spent a solid six months with this beautiful, unusual machine. Here are my impressions.
The future is here, but it 'aint quite perfect.

Pure Farming 17 Versus Farming Simulator 17 – The Gamescom Showdown

Having played Farming Simulator 14 on 3DS, I became hooked into the world of Farming Sims. From here I threw myself into the much larger Farming Sim 15, and my love for the game and genre increased. This year however, Techland Publishing have thrown a curve ball into the Farming Sim game with Pure Farming 17: The Simulator. As a direct competitor to Giants' Farming Simulator, I was eager to see both of these games at Gamescom, so early Friday morning, I set out to do just that.

Project: Session Becomes Session as Game Development Progresses

Crea-ture Studios have recently announced that their upcoming skateboarding game, Project: Session, is ditching the "Project" part of the name and officially becomes Session. Those...

Nerd Culture

First Issue of Sonic Forces Prequel Comic Released!

SEGA is releasing a comic to set the stage for the upcoming Sonic Forces' story. The comic will be free for everyone to enjoy.

A Deeper Look at The Walking Dead: Volume 3

Welcome back fellow walkers and roamers to another edition of A Deeper Look at the Walking Dead, where we analyse Robert Kirkman’s series volume...

Power Rangers Go Back to 1969 For an Epic New Story

At this year's New York Comic Con, Power Rangers writer Kyle Higgins announced that he's been planning a huge event in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers universe.

The Apprentice is Perfect for Super Villains

Picture this: you're a comicbook style supervillain, you want to put your numerous enemies through some pure misery but you've done everything in the book. You've tried to oust your superheroes foil secret identity, kill someone they love, and even pee through their letterbox.