Spider-Man Trailer is Quicker than Thwip!

Is it possible that this 6 short seconds was way better than the full Justice League trailer? Umm yes, it is.

Here’s the Opening Cinematic for Rain World

It looks like Adult Swim Have been busy as of late. With Pocket Mortys fairing well and the up and coming excitement of seeing Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove, well, back in the groove, the publishers have been lending a fairly keen hand to many independent developers recently.

Game of Thrones: A Live Concert Experience Review

A good score is often the soul of a movie or television show. It can rip the emotion out of you and burn a scene into your memory. It's Dr.'s Grant and Sattler setting their eyes on their first dinosaur in Jurassic Park, or the Fellowship setting out in Lord of the Rings. You can't think about these iconic moments in cinematic history without the score playing through your head.
nintendo fils-aime

Nintendo have Big Plans for E3 2017

With the launch of the Nintendo Switch earlier this month, all eyes are on Nintendo to pull out all stops at E3 this year, and according to Ninendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime, that's exactly what they plan to do.
Ghost in the Shell poster

Here’s the Final Trailer for Ghost in the Shell

Paramount has today released the final trailer for their upcoming live-action Ghost in the Shell movie ahead of its March 30 release.

All Walls Must Fall Kickstarter Fully Funded in 5 Days

inbetweengames has today announced that their recent Kickstarter campaign for their Tech-Noir Tactics game, All Walls Must Fall, has hit its initial funding target of €15,000 in just five days.

Blizzard Announce Overwatch Pacific Championship 2017

Blizzard has this weekend announced the formation of a new Overwatch championship, the Overwatch Pacific Championship, that'll bring Overwatch esports to Taipei, Taiwan.

The Matrix Prequel: Who is Morpheus?

2019 will herald the 20th anniversary of the release of The Matrix. 20 years (or more) can mean only one thing. Sequel. Or prequel. Or pointless comic-book adaptation.

Only Yu Can Save the World in Prey (New Trailer)

Bethesda has released a brand new trailer for Prey which highlights Morgan Yu, the player protagonist in the game, and the powers and abilities he wields.

New Warhammer Fantasy Battles Game Incoming

Bigben Interactive and Games Workshop have signed a License Agreement to release a new game based on the Warhammer Fantasty Battles IP.



Justice League Finally Gets First Full Trailer

It feels like we've been waiting forever for the Justice League movie, and now it's finally hitting home, Justice League is launching in theatres this year.

51 New Emojis Could Arrive This Year

With the launch of Unicode 10 planned later this year, we might be seeing many more diverse Emoji's landing on our phones. But what are they?

UK Gaming Charts: Silly Faces Couldn’t Stop Mass Effect: Andromeda

Despite the publicity shit-storm that tarnished the release week of Mass Effect: Andromeda, the game still managed to smash into first place this week, though compared to previous games, it didn't do so great.

StarCraft: Remastered Finally Announced

Blizzard Entertainment has finally confirmed that they'll be re-releasing their sci-fi real-time strategy game, StarCraft.

Jay and Silent Bob to Return in ‘Bluntman v Chronic’

Move over Morpheus, the only sequel/reboot worth talking about is Bluntman v Chronic. In his most recent Smodcast, Kevin Smith sits down with Jason...

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5 Players to Watch at SFV ELEAGUE

It's going down boys and girls. Monday 27th ET. Palms will be sweaty and there'll be vomit on sweaters already. Possibly due to Mom's...

10 Ridiculous IPs Telltale Need to Make into a Game

The announcement of TellTale's Guardians of the Galaxy got our team here at n3rdabl3 thinking: "What ridiculous IPs would we want to see the developers make next?!" Well, there were too many to go through, but we did narrow it down to a Top 10 of sorts.

Discovery’s Group Nine Media Shuts Down SourceFed in Huge Shift

SourceFed Hosts 2017
Yesterday evening we heard the sad news that Discovery-backed Group Nine Media has shut down SourceFed, SourceFed NERD, and People Be Like, in a fairly dramatic shift.

The Navezgane Cliffnotes: A Few Quick Tips for 7 Days To...

Navezgane Cliffnotes #1
The Fun Pimps' 7 Days to Die is coming to consoles on June 28th, and writing up a news post on the topic the other day gave me fresh inspiration to give the game another go. I've jumped in and out of the game as a few big version numbers ticked by, and to say the least my thoughts on the game have fluctuated in a number of ways – sometimes I'd jump in and have a great time, others I'd end up quickly dying a fair few times in the space of a few minutes and find myself quitting. With the new version bringing a lot of fixes and improvements to the Early Access zombie sandbox survival title, I thought it might be time to have another look at it. So, to welcome our new console survivor brethren and future PC players alike, here's my part critique, part early game guide to the survival horde crafting game 7 Days to Die as of version Alpha 14.6.

Interview: Marc-andré Houde Discusses the Future of Project: Session

Project Session
Last year a little proof-of-concept video blew up on reddit bringing the world's attention to an currently in-development skateboaring game, Project: Session by a newly formed development studio called creā-ture Studios. Since then however the game itself has been through some rough seas with players sharing their frustration that they've not seen enough of the game, as well as a Patreon campaign which also came under fire.


Nerd Culture

Video Games as Comics, Do They Work?

You may have walked through your local bookstore and noticed something interesting in the comic section. More and more video games are getting the comic book treatment. Whether its Darksiders, Dead Space, Dark Souls, or Assassins Creed, games are getting their universes expanded.

Star Wars Celebration off for 2018, Next Event in 2019

Star Wars Celebration is happening this year in April and it will be the last official event until 2019. There will be no event in 2018 as confirmed today on the event's website in this post.

IndieGoGo Campaign Launches for Collector’s Edition of City of Thieves

The Games Collector has this week launched an IndieGoGo campaign to bring a limited edition hardback version of Ian Livingstone's classic choose-your-own-adventure book, City of Thieves, to the world.
Sad Piggies

Sad Piggies is a Card Game Where you Help Pigs Commit Suicide

Launching on Kickstarter today is a brand new card game called Sad Piggies, a game where you help pigs die horribly. Sounds depressing right? But it's not, trust me, it's all in good, morbid humour.

Game of the Month: Hanabi and 4 Tips on How to Win

So you've already purchased Hanabi thanks to my glowing review and you decided to try it out with your friends. "That Billy guy had me buy this game and we just get our butts kicked!" you loudly exclaim to yourself like some kind of weirdo.