My Fitness Pals logo Hello everyone I’m Hayley my lovely Mr writes this blog and I’ve driffted over from my inter-nest to write a review on an app that I know more about than he does. (who’d of thought that’d be possible!)

My Fitness Pal is a completely free app that you can also access on your computer, meaning wherever you are you can keep up to date, it was created by two brothers for their own weight loss needs and then shared with the world and is available on most if not all platforms, I originally downloaded the app over a year ago for my iPod Touch and then again a few months ago when I purchased my Samsung Galaxy Ace.

A screen capture of the available options in My Fitness Pal

The idea is simple, you are in charge of your diet and your weightloss (or gain, this app will aid both). The primary function of MFP is a calorie counter and food diary, but if you’re someone that needs a little support every now and then it’s possible to connect with other users, share hints and tips and at the same time have a nosey through each others food diaries to pick up some new recipes. 
Personally I find dieting a very private thing, I’ve never been a fan of slimming groups I like to be in control of my weight and what I eat without feeling guilty about it. My fitness pal is great for social butterflys and lone wolfs alike, it has an extensive food database, the user interface is easy to navigate around there’s nothing complicated about this app, set your targets, enter your daily calories and in the process you learn a little about the contents of food which benefits your diet even more.
You can really make MFP personal to you, a great thing about the app is that unlike other diet app’s on the market is it’s not aimed at ladies it’s simpleness allows for both sexes to use it without feeling weird about it.

You’re not buying a brand of slimming food, you’re not going to weekly meetings and being made to feel guilty about gaining 0.2 pounds, you’re simply carrying on with your every day life while trying to stick to personal goals, it’s so easy. I’ve used this App almost everyday since downloading it and I adore it, it’s free and it works, what more do you want?


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