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The Internet bells are jingling about Facebook’s recent acquisition of our app of the week, Instagram. So here’s a short round up of what’s been happening.Mark Zuckerberg announced today on his Facebook Timeline that they had agreed to aquire Instagram and Instagram themselves confirmed this on their blog soon after. 

Ever since the news broke, Twitter and Tumblr has exploded with updates about people deleting their accounts, mainly over concerns that Facebook will be implicating their User Agreement to the photo sharing service even though both Facebook and Instagram have promised that Instagram will remain a seperate service from Facebook and you can still decide what social networks you can share your pictures on. This news comes a week after announcing that Instagram was available on Android mobiles, and the news may leave some users a little sore after waiting for so long for the app to come available. Whether the “threats” of people deleting their accounts are the real deal or just crocodile tears we’ll soon find out, I’m sure in a week or two there’ll be an article like “Instagram has lost x amount of users a week after announcing being bought by Facebook”.

I’m unsure if the people having a rant about Facebook acquiring Instagram have actual concerns for the photo sharing platform changing, or that they’re just annoyed that their precious hipster app is being introduced to the mainstream, similar to those posting their unhappy thoughts about Android users being introduced to the app. Personally I’m not bothered, Facebook or no Facebook I’ll still be using and enjoying Instagram and sure enough it’s still going to stay as last weeks app of the week.

Fun fact; Twitter is also full of people working out the worth of their accounts to Facebook and one Twitter user pointed out that each of our accounts work out to approximately $33 each!

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