A picture of one of the many rivers in Amsterdam

The Samsung Galaxy S may not be current right now, but it’s the phone I’m stuck with for another year until I can upgrade. That being said, I’m not in a huff about it because it’s a pretty neat phone, especially for the price they’re going for on eBay at the moment.

Now, I’m not planning on reviewing the phone, there’d be no point, you can search Google and in a matter of seconds you’ll be able to find 100+ reviews and specs. What I’m going to write about is phonography.

Some people love the simplicity and non complexity of taking photo’s with their phone and uploading it to their site, and others simply hate the fact that some people go around calling themselves “photographers” because they have an Instagram account and a decent megapixel smartphone.

A picture of waves crashing onto a beach.
I used picplz to add a filter to this picture, but c’mon!

I personally love it, and that’s coming from someone who has the use of his wifes Canon EOS 450D. I’ve completely filled my Flickr account with photo’s I’ve taken with my phone whilst out walking the dog or away on holiday and I’m not going to stop.

This is where my SGS comes in, it’s perfect for quick silly snaps and its great for capturing some really nice photographs if you take the time to line the shot up. It has a 5mp camera and to be honest, it produces better pictures than a 12MP digital camera that we once had.

A photograph of seals relaxing on a beach
“A bit dull – the picture is also a bit dull”

Okay, It’s not perfect, I have to admit, the quality of the shot entirely depends on the lighting conditions; bright and sunny – perfect, a bit dull – the picture is also a bit dull, dark room – not great, with that said, it doesn’t have the advantage of a built in flash so I think the picture quaility, weather/light permitting, is pretty great considering.

I read an article recently on AppStorm stating that instead of spending top dollar on a new swish low end smartphone, do a little browsing around and get yourself a cheaper, perhaps used, older high end phone. If you’re planning on spending about £300 on a new low end, then I suggest maybe spending that money on a Samsung Galaxy S. It may not be current and hip, and it’s still running Gingerbread and not Ice Cream Sandwich, (even though Samsung have just released an update adding some ICS features to the SGS) but I can guarantee it’ll be worth it.

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