The QuickShot Raider 5 box

I picked up this awesome bit of gaming history for only £1.40 from a thrift store! It’s from the early 90s and it’s a controller for PC, IBM, the Commodor, XT, AT, 386 and 486.

The QuickShot Raider 5 controller

The Raider 5 (QS-172) is an analog joypad with two buttons, a turbo fire switch and a six foot cable. It’s a pretty neat item & it used to cost £12.99 back around 1992. (According to an old pricing sticker on the bottom)

Back of the QuickShot Raider 5 box

I’ve tried to find out more about this controller online but there’s not a lot of information.
I think it’s a pretty awesome bit of kit that’s in great (almost new) condition and it’s a good start for my collection of games consoles & peripherals.

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