The Samsung Galaxy S with ROM
What is MIUI? MIUI (Me, You, I) is an after market firmware for Android smart phones otherwise known as a custom ROM.

For those of us who get a brand new, shiny smartphone and are disappointed with the stock carrier apps or the lack of features or you’re just bored with the same old stock firmware, and you’re a bit of a techno nerd, then a custom ROM is for you. Flashing a custom ROM involves a bit of fiddling and if not done properly can brick your phone so it’s not for the feint hearted.

I chose to flash MIUI because it just looked swish and seemed the most supported. It’s created by a chinese developer called Xiaomi Tech and has been translated and tweaked a little by and MIUI Android both of which are pretty much the same ROM but with a few bits added and translated to english.

I have the Samsung Galaxy S, and for a while it’s been bugging me. After about a month of average to heavy usage it just got so slow, and thanks to Vodafone it’s full of bloat ware that I’m unable to uninstall. I was contemplating flashing and rooting due to the “It may brick your phone” warning and the last thing I wanted to do was destroy a £300 phone, but in the end I’d had enough and went for it.

There was a point where it started to bootloop (showing the start-up screen over and over) and I was terrified that I’d destroyed my phone, but that’s a normal blip that can happen sometimes.

MIUI.US is packed full of features but some parts (specifically the camera app) look very similar to the iPhone, something I’m not overly keen on but it seems to be a selling point for some people.
The ROM also includes root access for the phone which unlocks a whole bunch of tools available on the Play Store (Titanium Backup and SD Maid are some examples) that provide more powerful cleaning tools and back up everything from your settings to your messages and all of your apps and their settings, you can even over clock your droid (something I personally don’t recommend).

I’ve also installed MIUI v4 which is an Icecream Sandwich version of MIUI. This particular version has been ported from the Nexus S and was very experimental and unfortunately stopped working for me.

Over all if you’re experienced with your device or you’re as daring/sick of the stock ROM as I was, then installing a custom ROM is for you. There are many out there to choose from but for me MIUI seemed the best and is still actively being developed with updates and tweaks every Friday.

A screen capture of ROM settingsA screen capture of
Some of the settings available.

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Robin Ng

thanks for your review. I love custom rom..MIUI is my second choice beside CM9.


I haven’t tried CM9 yet, I may give it a go if I get bored with MIUI! :D