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As we all know adding filters to images is the current big thing, but not all of us want to use Instagram or even have smartphones. And not all of us have the money to pay for Photoshop to add fancy effects to our digital images so here’s an app for just that!

 PolarFox App is an Adobe Air application for Windows, Mac and Linux where you can add unique filters to your digital images. You don’t need to be a pro on Photoshop to work this app, it’s easy and simple to use and you can customise your images with the simple use of sliders to fine tune your image and the filter that you apply.


Here’s a picture of my and my pup. I’ve applied the filter that I wanted to use (Miami) and adjusted it accordingly using the sliders located in the top left of the app.

I’m really in love with this app because sometimes it’s a real pain to upload the pictures from our digital camera to dropbox so I can edit them using my smartphone. Also you can fine tune the filter as well so it’s not too overpowering and distracting from the main image which is something I feel is lacking from most of the mobile image editors.

What else is unique to this app is that you can share it to your favourite social media sites such as Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, and Blogger, to name a few.

pfappIt’s not limited to sharing to only those sites though, you can also save the edited image to your hard drive and use however you wish, you’re also given a choice as to what size you wish to save it too!

The app was created by Andre Weier (Portfolio: and is currently in an invite only beta. To request an invite to this exclusive beta visit

Some of the sites currently available for sharing via the app.
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