Here’s an App of the Week for those of you with a rooted device!

SD Maid is a must have toolkit to keep your internal and external SD card free of unused files and empty folders and if you purchase the SD Maid Unlocker, you’re able to search out duplicates and get rid of those too!

I’ve found SD Maid a life saver because I’m always installing and uninstalling crap as well as chaning ROMS and tweaking this and that to the point where things are running stupidly slow and everything is totally out of order and all over the place.

SD Maid requires root because it searches past the internal SD into the DB to find out unused dead files as well as old corpes that uninstalled apps leave behind.

The app also allows you to delete unwanted, stock programs as well as freeze and resent them without the need to re-install.

Database optimisation is also a great feature that shrinks your bloated database to something smaller and easier to access and makes it a lot faster!

You can find SD Maid on the Play Store here.

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