Since it’s release late last month Google Drive has had a bad rap because of its aledged policy stating that whatever you upload is owned by Google. 
I myself also proceeded to refrain from using Google Drive because of this. But what we were told by almost everyone wasn’t the full story. 

 So that’s why Google Drive is this week’s App of the Week. 

So Googles Policy does state that they have the right to “communicate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute” but what’s also written (which was missing from the original quote that was circling the internet) is “You retain ownership of any intellectual property rights that you hold in that content. In short, what belongs to you stays yours.”

Without getting into too much details, if you use cloud storage for pictures and documents and you don’t want Google to see them, don’t use it or encrypt your files. 

Now onto business.

I covered the main details of Google Drive in my post about cloud storage and the reason I’ve decided that it’s my app of the week this week is because I’ve been using the document editor to draft my posts using both my phone and my laptop.

It’s not just a basic writer, it’s pretty much a dumbed down version of MS Office that’s easy to use and looks great. 

There’s also a dedicated sync folder that you can install on your computer which is great and since then I’ve been using Google Drive to read .docs and other MS Office files.

Overall if you’re looking for a really good cloud storage service with a built in document reader and editor then Google Drive is for you. But if you’re worried about the ToS and Google having a peek at your stuff then Google Drive probably isn’t for you.