I’ve decided to cut down a little bit on the app of the week feature at the moment as I was almost running out of apps to review & showcase. So from now on I’ll be doing them every so often, but still keeping the “App of the Week” title.

Since starting this blog I’ve been jotting down ideas in a nice little notebook but it soon started to get really disorganised with pages filled with crossed out ideas, other ideas taking more space due to descriptions & rough notes so I needed to get something that was a little easier to manage and looked presentable & this weeks app of the week is surely the one for me!

Astrid Task/To-do List is an all in one Social, To-do List. Not only can you organise yourself accordingly you can also manage lists between your friends. Astrid Task/To-do List also syncs across all of your devices so you’ll never be stuck with what to do next.

With Astrid you can label the importance of your tasks accordingly so they get put to the top of the list as well as set a deadline for each task.

I’ve been using Astrid for over a week now and It’s been a breath of fresh air! I now know what I’m doing in a neat and organised fashion and it’s UI is so user friendly and easy to use it’s brilliant and I’d recommend it to anyone!
Astrid Task/To-do List on Google Play

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