Atari 520ST (1985) - n3rdabl3

Remember the Quickshot Raider 5? Well I bought this is from the same place.. for £20. 

The Atari 520ST was released in 1985 and comes with 128kB of RAM a graphical interface and a 3 1/2 inch microfloppy disk drive.

This model came with a power cable, a scart lead/monitor output cable, original mouse, as well as original owners manual, original Atari joypad, two Spectravideo joypads (one is damaged) and one SuperPro Zipstick joypad.

Atari 520ST (1985) - n3rdabl3

This little find also came with a bunch of game boxes, but unfortunately has no game disks. These include, James Pond, Outlaw, Joe Blade 2, The Newzealand Story, Seymour, CJ USA, Magicland Dizzy, and a complaition disk with 5 games.

Atari 520ST (1985) - n3rdabl3

I have plugged it in and into my TV, and it is all in working order, other than the graphic user interface is very dark & hardly shows up. I’m not sure if this is because it’s an old system on a modern TV or the cable is damaged or the graphics in the system itself is malfunctioning.

I’ve given it a good clean and repaired some broken parts (purely cosmetic) and put it away for safe keeping, I hope to actually get some games in the near future and play this bad boy but until then it shall remain in its box in a safe place.