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So it looks as if Treyarch have gone one step ahead of Infinity Ward and have based their latest instalment of the Call of Duty series in the near future, 2025 to be precise.

The trailer takes on a “Man vs. Machine” outlook with futuristic robotics and drones vs some familiar very outnumbered characters. The plot isn’t yet clear, but it seems as if they’ve taken a leaf out of Infinity Wards book because from what I gather from the trailer, the US is in deep trouble!

I’m super excited for this sequel to Black Ops, and I have to say, Treyarch broke the mould with Black Ops and I think they may have obliterated it this time! I’m sure we’re in for some more sneaky trailers along with some multiplayer previews (I’m sure we’re in for some pretty cool robotic turrets as kill streaks) in the next few months so here’s hoping!

Call of Duty: Black Ops Two is scheduled to be released on 13/11/12.

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