Exclusive | CarDust a new Android/iOS racing game.

CarDust is a new 3D racing game coming in June to Android and iOS.

Update: Cardust is now available to download from both Google Play (free version) and the Apple App Store (paid version).

CarDust is a new mobile 3D racing game by Spectrum Entertainment. It’s currently in it’s final stages of development and is due for release in June this year.
There’s going to be a free and a full version for both Android and iOS and the full versions will contain:

  • Five cars plus an unlockable sixth vehicle.
  • Two casual race modes; Quick Race with up to 5 AI players and a Time Trial mode to race your own “ghost”.
  • Five “richly featured” 3D Tracks plus an unlockable sixth one.Innovative “Time Warp” and “Position Switching” powerups
  • A social integration enabling players to race against some of the best online uploaded “ghosts”.
  • A Big Tournament mode; Race on four different tracks and score the most points to unlock extra content.
  • Full OpenFeint integration.

There’s currently no word on what features will be available in the free modes.


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