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For years me and my wife have been playing on, and paying for Xbox Live Gold and it’s become pretty pricey every month for both of our accounts (£5.99 each) but we don’t want to spend £35 each for the yearly subscription, so month by month is our only option, but since cancelling auto renewal, we’ve discovered a much cheaper way to play..

For the past 7 months (since November 2011) we’ve spent a total of £10 each for our Xbox Live Gold subscriptions and it’s all 100% official. We’re not buying discount Xbox Live Gold Prepaid cards from gaming stores nor are we receiving under the table, hush hush, codes from an anonymous Xbox employee. In fact what we’re doing is legitimate and available to everyone right on their Xbox Dashboards.

So how are we doing this? It’s simple.

Xbox Live Gold deals and offers.

If you were like us then you’d be paying Xbox Live Gold without really paying much attention thanks to Xbox’s auto renewal system. It’s a convenient way to pay because they automatically charge your card before your current subscription expires.. Or is it?

Not really.. because you’re missing out on all of the Xbox Live Gold offers.

Since November we’ve taken advantage of three XBL Gold offers; a 60% off of 3 months of gold (£6) deal and two 2 months of gold for £2 deals.

It takes a bit of remembering because every time you purchase a deal, auto renewal is set up back at the original price, so as soon as you time about to end, cancel the auto renewal online via your account on wait for your subscription to run out, and see what deals are available.

I think that this is a really sly thing for Xbox to do because as soon as you’ve got Xbox Live Gold the advert for the deals aren’t shown anymore so those of you who have auto renewal enabled won’t have a clue that there’s an offer available.

Please note that we might just be lucky enough to fall into a time where Xbox put up their Xbox Live Gold deals and isn’t a guarantee that it’ll always be an option. This post is merely an informative message about how we’ve gotten Xbox Live Gold cheaper than the normal £5.99 and how it’s possible.

Need proof?

I was offered the 60% off offer whilst talking to an Xbox Customer Service rep.
I originally called because I wanted to cancel auto renewal online but couldn’t.
(I was advised to use IE instead of Chrome for this to work)

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