New Feature | Games for Under £5 (May) – Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

Games for under £5 is a new monthly feature that I’m going to start doing and it involves exactly what the title says. 

Every month I’m going to go to a store that sells pre-owned or cheap games and sometimes go online too and try and find a game that’s £5 or less and then write about it. 

I thought this would be an interesting feature as a lot of us just buy the games we know and love and tend to overlook or just miss out on lesser known titles and/or awesome classics that we’ve just forgotten about.
The first game I purchased for £4 is Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. 

New Feature | Games for Under £5 (May) – Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising - n3rdabl3

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is a tactical first person shooter based on modern day combat. 

The Back of the Box

As close to war as you ever want to get. 
Welcome to Sikra, a 220km² open world battlefield and the newest front line in the war for energy. Join the US Marine Corps as they take on the might of the Chinese PLA and fight to stop a Flashpoint engagement over oil erupting into full blown war. Play solo, PvP or with up to 3 friends co-operatively as you choose your path through this visceral & games brutal conflict, using the full force of authentically detailed US Marine Corps weapons, vehicles, aircraft, munitions and tactics.”

About the game 

Similar to the likes of Battlefield it has a huge open map (approx 33km) that you can navigate as you please with your team of four, completing objectives set to you by your commanding HQ.

What makes this game different is that it’s very tactics and command orientated. Unlike Call of Duty for example you can’t just run and gun and come out with a pulsing red screen that lasts for a few seconds. 
You have to complete the objectives with the help of your AI team mates, you can issue commands to suppress fire on a target, assault a target and defend you and your team. As well as commands you can instruct your team into assault or defensive formations to help flank the target. 

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is a game by Codemasters that was released in 2009 its an unofficial sequel to Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis that was created by Codemasters and Bohemia Interactive but due to a falling out between both companies Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising was made without them.

This game is critically acclaimed many gaming critics due to its realism and accuracy of its gameplay. All of the weapons are real weapons used by the USMC and the developers have made sure that the fire power, reloading time & ballistic distance is as accurate as possible to their real life counterparts. Not only are the weapons realistic the gameplay also has a nice bit of realism, because when you’re injured, you’re injured, you have to stop the bleeding before you bleed out using field dressing and the damage you take stays with you. Not only that but you can get fatally wounded by one shot and that’s it game over. 

It’s been said that the developers used real trained US Marine Corps soldiers and motion capture to get the realistic feel of reloading and firing each weapon as well as an array of other actions a soldier may face. 

What I think

At first I wasn’t sure. I’m a big Call of Duty fan and this game is as far from that as you can get. The controls are similar but there are some key differences that take some getting used too (LB is to sprint & Left Stick down is to crouch and go prone). 
After a while though I really started to get into the game, the realistic feel of the gameplay is probably what does it. It’s nice to think about what action you’re going to take rather than being thrown into the centre of battle and not knowing your head from your arse. You’re faced with small fire fights that are difficult to overcome as well as having to hide behind trees and buildings because you or your team haven’t spotted the enemy yet.
That’s another thing that’s different from other FPS, you don’t have a HUD that displays the enemies exact position, you or your AI team mates have to spot the target and then it gets announced to the team “AT Gunner spotted – 200 yards – South West” it’s then up to you to spot the enemy from those instructions. 

One downside is that the game doesn’t feel polished enough, there are a lot of things that could make this game better and sometimes it’s TOO realistic and makes the game a bit of a drag. I’d like to be able to see who I’m shooting at and not waste 3 magazines shooting at a stump. 

It’s multiplayer is interesting because you can play the entire game online with 3 other players as well as the usual PvP. PvP is much like the game itself, each player has 3 AI units that aid gameplay but their are no objectives but to kill the other players. 


Overall this game is a very good alternative to the mainstream FPS but due to its unpolished feel and sometimes overly awkward playability I can see why it’s not a bigger franchise. I’m definitely going to be playing this game often. 
It has an interesting take on multiplayer gaming and people do still play this game online. 

For £4 its well worth it. 

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