For a bloody long while now I’ve been itching to get a new phone, I’ve had the SGS for almost two years now and even though the latest update included some fresh features gave the phone a kick up the arse, it just wasn’t enough.

Carphone Warehouse are doing an exclusive web offer for the Samsung Galaxy Note at £20.50 per month including a free handset. Even though I had a few months left on my original contract I thought “fuck it” and tried for the Note.

Things didn’t go so smoothly as I’d liked as my credit check was rejected, but the next day a CPW customer service agent called me and said that he’d try and see what he can do to get me this phone.

Within a couple of hours I was accepted and waiting for my new Samsung Galaxy Note to arrive the next day!

I’m definitely going to be doing a review on the Note, but I’m going to wait a couple of weeks for the ICS update that’s meant to be rolling out in Q2 and it gives me enough time to get some good experience with the phone!

So far though it’s freaking amazing.

Goodbye SGS, you’ve served me well!

(I’m sending the SGS to Mazuma Mobile for £100! So that’s a result too!) 

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