The internet is full to the brim with free MMORPG’s. I’ve tried many of them from games like DarkEden, a vampire vs. vampire hunter, Diablo style RPG to RuneScape, a browser-based adventure game, but one of them has stood out to me the most and that’s Battle of the Immortals.

BoI takes place in a world called Motenia that’s wrapped in chaos thanks to Ragnarok. Not only that, the Goddess of Fate has predicted the return of the Dragon Emperor and his armies who were sealed in stone by the elven group called the Witches of Millennium using an ancient magic.

The game is heavily based on Norse Mythology and some aspects of the Qin Dynasty.
Gameplay is relatively simple, as it’s not third person view like World of Warcraft, for example, it takes on more of an overhead Diablo style point of view so movement is dictated by pointing and clicking.
BoI features hundreds of quests set for you by speaking to NPC’s and mainly involve battling monsters and looting. Each quest has a reward like you’d expect from an RPG, whether it be armor, a new weapon or some coins. Experience points are awarded too that can increase the players level. There’s also several scenarios and zones that involve Player vs. Player.
The reason I like BoI over the majority of free MMORPGs is that it seems a little more together, and has a great bunch of features, and for someone who runs a laptop with only 1GB of RAM, it only requires 512MB so it runs pretty smoothly too. BoI seems to offer more of a story than other games available and the gameplay isn’t boring and repetitive either.
BoI was created by Perfect World Entertainment and they released the Open Beta of BoI on the 4th of May 2010 and you can find the direct download or the torrent file here.

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