[Review] Chin Up - n3rdabl3

If your looking for a tongue in cheek hilarious height gathering game then Chin Up by Touch Village is a new release onto iOS and Android platforms.

[Review] Chin Up - n3rdabl3

Chin Up is a hilarious platform game that involves you tipping and moving the rising scaffold so Mr. Chin doesn’t get hit on the head by a variety of objects such as gongs and pandas.

Each level had droppings and a life meter that ‘tastefully’ reflects the level. 

The game takes on a completely new style of gameplay. Instead of trying to gain height by jumping onto platforms or collecting rocket power-ups, instead you’re constantly going up but in order to survive you’ve got to keep your life bar up by getting Mr. Chin to avoid the falling objects.

[Review] Chin Up - n3rdabl3Chin Up is very tongue in cheek, bordering on stereotypical racism but done in the most innocent and comical way. On the first level in China your life meter is a bottle of Soy Sauce, and when they falling objects build up onto your platform Mr. Chin hilariously yells “NO PARKING, NO PARKING HERE” and if you’re too swift with them platform he’ll cry out “Ohh Vewwy Swiperwy”. 

I was almost in tears of laughter playing this game, it’s funny and challenging, and is a welcome addition to their mobile gaming market. 

You can find Chin Up on both iOS here and Android here. 

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