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Crossfire is an awesome free FPS that is a good alternative to Call of Duty or Counter Strike. It has a large user base and doesn’t need a top notch computer to run it!

I’ve been playing Crossfire for a few years now and I really like it, okay it’s not the best graphics and the game play doesn’t offer much in the way of tactics or strategy, it’s really just a point and click shooter but it’s not all that bad.

The game was created in 2007 by Korean developers SmileGate, and it’s Bug testing version was released to the public in 2008. The game focuses on two opposing forces, Black List (terrorists) and Global Risk (anti-terrorist) that battle it out in several different game modes. Aside from your typical online games like TDM, S & D, and Free For All Crossfire offer up some neat alternatives such as;

Elimination Mode – TDM with NO respawns.

[Review] CrossFire. - n3rdabl3
A Black List player in Ghost Mode.

Ghost Mode – Black List players are given an invisibility cloak not too short of Harry Potter and only have melee weapons and must eliminate Global Risk players or Destroy the bomb sites with C4. All though the Black List players are invisible, they can be detected whilst moving and by their foot steps, heavy breathing when nearby and splashes in water.

Special Mode – A fully customisable game mode.

Mutation Mode – 1 to 3 players begin as mutants and their objective is to mutate all of the other players by maiming them with their huge claws whilst trying to avoid being killed.

One of the mutants featured in mutant mode.

Escape Mode – The aim of this game mode is for one team to attempt to jump through the ‘exit’ portals whilst the other team tries to prevent them. Each team takes turns to complete the objective.

Hero Mode – Similar to Mutant Mode, One player is classed as the ‘Hero’ and cannot hide due to having a huge ‘Hero’ maker attached to him. The ‘Hero’ also has a special Fal with a grenade launcher. Mutants in this game mode aquire ‘Rage’ when they’ve experienced a certain amount of damage and this aids the mutants evolution process.

Zombie Mode – The only game with AI targets, Zombie Mode takes on a similar concept to Left4Dead.

Just like every online FPS during play you earn experience points and level up and earn Game Points. The majority of the game is free to play and you can use Game Points (GP) to spend in game to buy new weapons and equipment. There are some weapons and equipment that costs real money, and for these you have to purchase ZP or Ecoins to get special modded weapons, equipment and characters.

Crossfire is published in the US, Canada and the UK by Z8Games.

You can find the Crossfire client here.

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