There’s an abundance of word games in the mobile gaming market, some that keep you entertained, others that don’t, and this game stood out from the crowd flailing its arms.

When George from Wind-up Games contacted me and showed me Diction, a game that they’ve just released, I was surprised that it had only been downloaded 150 times, because the game was actually, really good.

Diction takes on a similar look to digital version of Boggle and the object of the game is pretty much the same as the classic board game too but Diction is ridiculously diverse. It’s not just a ‘find as many words as you can’ game, there’s many ways to play and for me, that’s what shakes this game up and makes it unique.

[Review] Diction - n3rdabl3

There are five different game modes and they are;

Classic – The basic one point for every tile cleared within 1 or 2 minutes.

Arcade – The same rules apply but this time some of the tiles contain multiplier and time bonuses.

Time Attack – A race against the clock, the bigger the word the more time you’re awarded.

Puzzle – You’re given three words and a board of tiles, the aim of the game is to find the words in the right order and clear the board. One wrong move and it’s game over

Fixed (Pro only)- This game mode is the most similar to Boggle, you can’t repeat words and the words chosen don’t disappear.
It still needs a bit of work before its perfect, but a game of this standard coming from a developer that released its first game just over a month ago is astonishing and I can see a bright future for Wind-up Games.

You can download Diction here!

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