I’ve tried many different web hosting sites both free and paid, but by far LCN have been the best and most user friendly and they’re really helpful too.
I have the domain you’re on ( and had another domain with hosting (for someone else) from and I was recently informed that the domain and hosting space was no longer needed and I could do with them what I wish. So I decided to send LCN a message because I couldn’t see an option in my account to transfer the hosting package from one domain to the other so I messaged them late Monday night and I had a response at 8:30am the next morning letting me know that it is possible to transfer the hosting package, and that they required a few security questions and the domain names in question and that my request will be processed within 24/48 hours.
Literally within half an hour I received another email stating that the transfer was complete and I had 15 days to get the data from the old hosting package before it was deleted.

I was stoked, because I was convinced that it wouldn’t be possible as there was no option on their site nor was their an FAQ so I just assumed that all sales were final and that I’d have a domain name with hosting that would go to waste.

The service that I have received from LCN has totally exceeded my expectations and I cannot sing their praises enough!

On another note, their prices are great, both of the domains that I have purchased from them were about £7.20 each (inc vat) for two years and their “Starter” hosting package was £36 (inc vat) for one year.

Unfortunately the Starter Package doesn’t support WordPress like I’d hoped, but for £20 I can upgrade to the Dynamic Package that supports  PHP, Perl & Databases so as soon as I have the cash, I’ll be upgrading and moving from Blogger to my own hosted WordPress!


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