Review | Plopp – 77p Down the Toilet.

Review | Plopp – 77p Down the Toilet. - n3rdabl3

I’m a big fan of mobile puzzle games and when I heard Plopp had become available on Android I took the plunge and spent my 77p but is it really worth it?
Plopp is a bubble popping puzzle game available on both Android and iOS and it involves.. well.. popping bubbles.
Once you’ve popped a bubble or a Plopp as they’re called, it sends out a shockwave that starts a chain reaction that pops all of the other Plopps on the board. The longer you leave the Plopp to grow the more point you accumulate, but if an un popped ‘Plopp’ touches another un popped Plopp then it takes a life and you miss out on those points.

Review | Plopp – 77p Down the Toilet. - n3rdabl3 I used to have a similar game way back when I had the iPhone 3G called Chain Reaction. It was free and had pretty much the same rules except it was more musical & was a little more difficult when it came to only having a few bubbles left to pop.

I’m not all that impressed with plopp and it’s a shame it’s too late to get a refund because it’s really not worth paying for. It just seems to lack any sort of playability and requires little to no skill. I guess it’s a good game to play when you’re trying to kill time, but I wouldn’t go out of my way and choose to play this game.

I did really want to like this game but I couldn’t wait to put it down.

If you want to experience the game for yourself its available on both the Apple app store and the Google Play Store.

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