Review | Swords and Soldiers

Review | Swords and Soldiers - n3rdabl3

If you’re a fan of Vikings, Aztecs and the Chinese battling it out for BBQ sauce, Holy Pepper and Exploding Toys, then this hilarious game is for you.
From the developers Two Tribes, Swords and Soldiers is an awesome action/strategy game that involves using your soldiers to battle across the scenario that’s littered with your opponents warriors in an attempt to crush the enemy.

This Age of Empires-esqe game takes on the usual concept of an army building strategy game but with a animated, cartoon character twist. You begin with the Vikings and you’ve been told that Black Beard is coming to conquer your lavish barbecue. You’re taken through the tutorial during game play and your first instruction is to train a miner to mine some gold. The miner character is a voluptuous blonde viking woman who states that she “loooves gold” upon spawning.
Review | Swords and Soldiers - n3rdabl3As well as the ability to train warriors and miners you also have the ability to cast spells to heal your warriors or shoot a huge bolt of lightning at your enemies.
Through out the game each level has a different objectives and you’re faced with several challenges that make the game a whole lot more difficult to play, take level three for example, you don’t have any mines, and you’re faced with the opposite team in towers as well as foot soldiers and your mission is to collect the chests full of gold and mana.
Review | Swords and Soldiers - n3rdabl3
Thee are two versions of the game, a free version and a paid version for £1.96. The free version isn’t actually a poor stripped down version that has very little features and hardly any levels, it’s actually quite the opposite which is great because it gives you a chance to really get into the game. Seeing as this is Two Towers’ first game on Android, it’s really polished and well made and a brilliantly fun game to play.
You can find Swords and Soldiers on the Google Play Store here.

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