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Draw Something had become such a popular mobile game in a very short amount of time, but just recently it’s losing popularity as quickly as it gained. Why is that?

Draw Something is basically mobile Pictionary that you can play with anyone and everyone. ilIt’s rapid gain in popularity was probably because everyone loves a bit of Pictionary, but just like Pictionary it can get pretty boring, pretty quickly,but unlike Pictionary the game doesn’t end because your drunk grandma falls into the drawing board.


I played Draw Something a while back and was immediately hooked, my wife bought it too and we played it non stop, we even paid for the premium version so we could remove those annoying ads, and we managed to almost get a 200 round streak! But after so much playing, the words started to repeat themselves, drawings became predictable and the overall experience dried up to the point that we don’t even have it on our phones anymore.


It’s been reported that Draw Something has lost over 5 million users since March. Some report that it’s because Zynga, the world’s most popular online game developers, bought Draw Something from OMGPOP and as we all know from FB buying Instagram, people don’t like it when bigger companies buy out smaller developers.


Personally, I think it’s losing users because it becomes more of a chore than a game, you find yourself getting bored with existing games and your draw quality decreases rapidly until you don’t draw at all. It becomes too repetitive and sometimes frustrating when your opponents are just dumb and write out every single 3 coin word.

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