Xbox 720, What do we know so far?
Xbox 720, What do we know so far? - n3rdabl3
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The Xbox 720, rumours have been circling the internet since before the release of the Xbox 360 S but what’s actually been rumoured and have any been confirmed or denied?

I’ve searched all over the net for as much information as I can find on said rumours and here’s what I’ve found.

Codename “Durango”.

That’s right, they’ve codenamed the Xbox 720 after a state in Mexico named nationally and internationally for two reasons, one because it’s “the land of the scorpions” due to the vast amount of scorpion species and two because it’s “the land of cinema” due to being credited in over 120 film productions.

The codename was confirmed on twitter by Crytek’s senior technical artist, Sean Tracy.

Crytek has also already got the hardware for the next generation console and have started work on Timesplitters 4, one of it’s rumoured launch titles.

Sources: ITProPortal, Wikipedia

Possible Christmas 2013 or early 2014 release.

The first release date rumours stated that it was going to be announced at E3 2012, but since then that rumour has been denied by microsoft.

No definite rumour is circling about a release date or time, it’s mainly just speculation based entirely on previous releases.

An official statement was released from Microsoft stating that the Xbox 360 has a shelf life of about 10 years, so that means a release date of 2015 but I’m no sure they’ll hold out that long.

Sources: Xbox 720 Central, TechRadar

Xbox 720 hardware rumours.

There’s a lot of speculation that the next generation Xbox will be getting dual GPU. I’m not entirely sure how they’ll work together but according to this article it could be to run 3D games better due to the current GPUs struggling to render 3D graphics, but that would leave one of the processors pretty much dormant.

Direct X 11 has also been rumoured to be included with the 720 as well as the possible integration of the new Unreal Engine 3.

Another rumour that’s flying around is the Kinect 2. “It’s so accurate it can read lips!” is the current headline that surrounds the Kinect 2. We’re expected to see even better motion sensing as well as voice recognition.

Lastly the controller. I’d like to hope that the controller remains the same, but some sources state that the Xbox 720 will be heavily Kinect controlled.

Other rumors say that the controller might include some sort of HD touch screen surrounded by the usual controller sticks and buttons.

Sources: Gizmodo, Xbox 720 Central, T3

Game rumors:

Some say that the 720 will be going the same route as the PS3 with blu-ray DVDs others say that the next generation console will be getting rid of discs completely and in place have all their content downloadable or on Solid State Drives similar to the new PS Vita I’m unsure how this will benefit users with poor Internet connections as well as game retailers because as it stands Solid State Drives are pretty pricey and don’t offer much in the way of storage space.

Another rumor circling is that both Microsoft and Sony will be blocking pre-owned games. This could be implemented a little like the PC but with a serial number coded into the game data rather than the a physical code on the back of he manual.
I suppose this is good for game developers but bad for those of us that trade-in our games to fund our next purchase.

Sources: TechRadar, IGN, Official Xbox Magazine

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If you believe everything you read on the internet then you’re probably vibrating with excitement of the thought of a super powerful console with HD touch screen controller as well as a sensor that recognises you, your voice and even read your lips. But these are just rumours, none of which have been 100% confirmed by Microsoft themselves.

Lets hope something gets announced at E3 next month!

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