PC Obesity

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About the guest blogger:
Larry Heart is a tech blogger and web marketing consultant. He believes, that creativity is most powerful thing in the Web as nothing else is capable to connect contraries so naturally. (Larry Heart isn’t the guy pictured above, haha.)

Today’s world has faced a tremendous problem of obesity. United States, countries of Europe and Asia have a great growth of obesity each year. Actually, this article isn’t about human obesity itself, it’s about PC obesity!We all know that obesity is a very popular and very dangerous problem. But when we start trying to solve it ourselves, we understand that it’s very difficult to get good results. When our PC becomes slower, we also try to find some information from the Web, we try to do several things, but usually we’re not satisfied with the results. For example we’ve found some good guidelines:

  1. Adding more memory. Yeah, I agree, that this is a very effective technique. But what if I do not want to spend my money at the moment? Or maybe I’d better go to store and be the most expensive PC just to feel the speed up?
  2. Run defragmentation every month. Well, I believe, that this is a good thing, which can boost my computer speed, but wait! What if I’ve been using my hard drive for 2 years before I’ve read this advice? Can you just imagine how long I’ll wait until my Disc D: gets defragmentated? Personally I hate that routine, which takes so much time, but isn’t as effective as promised.
  3. Adjusting the virtual memory size. First I tried to make it 2Gb. Then I tried 4Gb, after that I tried to make it 6Gb, but still did not feel any recognizable difference. Feel free to mention in comments how lame I am: I won’t change my opinion concerning this file’s size.
  4. Actually, there are much more advices, but most of them don’t have a common sense. My favorite is: “Try to delete as more unnecessary icons from your desktop”. Are you kidding me?

After this we realize, that going to gym and asking the professional trainers to help us with our fit is much smarter option. We go to the gym, there we get a spacial workout schedule, we’re told how to do each exercise and this gives us much better results. As you might guess, PC world has much more in common with human world, than you could even imagine! Our computers can also become much faster if they head their own trainer. I’ve got good news for you, buddy! Best PC Cleaner is a shareware software, that will become a personal trainer for your PC! You’ll be very proud of your PC when you see, how fast it has become! Here’s a short list of garbage, which will be cleaned up from your PC:

  • Temporary program files and folders.
  • Internet browser temporary files.
  • Programs, which can’t be removed manually.
  • Duplicate files.
  • PC usage history and logs.
  • It cleans unnecessary data from Windows registry.

This software was developed by Ramka ltd, author of a bestseller – RipTiger: it allows downloading on-line videos from any website in the world. Best PC Cleaner costs $19.99 and has 1 month trial period. So, you’ll be able to evaluate it for free and then decide if it’s worth of spending a few sandwiches’ price on it.
If you’re person like me, you’ll probably also want to make your computer’s life better. That’s all folks, and good luck.

Feel free asking me questions in a comments section.

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Shaun Willsher

I liked the post and it is true that PC obesity is every where. Eating and then keep on sitting all day in front of your desktop is another issue. Gym does not work when you still have to work your life out on the PC like me. But this helped me as I was skinny all this time and I gained some weight due to just sitting and eating :)

Nice post, keep updating, I like the cat on our shoulder Aaron :)


André C. Santos

Windows machines can be morbidly obese, OS X range from lean to strong, Linux machines are just lean and mean (as said in the post, similar to humans and cultures)!