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Sometimes managing your money can be overwhelming, you can stare for hours at your bank statements but not get anywhere. Even if you have internet banking, some transactions don’t always instantly show up and you can sometimes be left in a pickle!

This fantastic app from i-Free Inovations, the makers of Zombie Granny, has helped me out a tremendous ammount!

CoinKeeper has a truly tremendous UI, its easy to get to grips with, and has really helped me out a whole bunch with managing my budget and stopped my occasional over spending.


The app offers four different categories, Income, Accounts, Expenses, and Goals. Each category has a set of customisable coins where you can add your salary for income, your current accout and savings account under the accounts category and rent, food, phone bills and any other things you may have expenses for. Another awesome thing is the Goals category, if you’re saving for a new car you can add a target and manage how much you’ve saved.

Each coin can be assigned it’s own icon so you know what coin is for what at a glance, and the best thing about this app is that when you’ve been paid, all you’ve got to do is drag the Salary coin into your bank account coin and type in how much you were paid and “hey presto” the money is in your account coin, just like that.

I truly wish I could still use this app as it was super helpful, but unfortunately once you’ve downloaded the app, it’s suspended after 15 days, and you have to purchase the app. You’re offered 3 payment types, a rolling monthly fee of $0.99 (£0.69), a 6 moth subscription for $2.99(~£1.79) or Lifetime full functionality for $9.99(~£4.99). I personally think that $9.99(~£4.99) is a little excessive for an app that’s just a quicker, better looking alternative to using a calculator and a pen and paper, and that’s why I no longer have the app but I may consider it..

You can find CoinKeeper on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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