We’ve all bought something off of eBay at least once in our lives, but more often than not, our purchases have been maybe £2/3 cheaper than retail price and not as much of a bargain as we’d like and we’ve all heard stories from someone about how they managed to get a product at a ridiculous price from eBay and wondered how?

GoofBay might be the solution!

Goofbay is a website that features eBay search tools that could help you find those cheaper than cheap products by taking your search query and adding a few variables such as searching for misspellings, or searching for the product name in the description rather than the title. Not only that, Goofbay offer a free eBay Sniping service, Feedback Checker, eBayer seller history, eBayer bid history as well as a few other great /br /Before discovering this website, I managed to buy my wife a Sega Dreamcast for her birthday for £18 and I was really surprised that I won the auction considering most of the other Dreamcast consoles I had been watching sold for around £45.

Then I noticed the title.
a screen shot showing "seta" instead of "Sega"Typos are probably the most common thing computer users come across while typing and that’s where spell checkers come in to play, but sometimes when you’re in a rush or using the eBay mobile app you don’t notice the incorrect spellings and that’s where people like me and others that have come across a bargain due to incorrect spelling!

I’ve searched for a few things using Goofbay and it has shown some really good bargains that wouldn’t usually show up due to incorrect spellings or people not adding the search term into the title.

Not every search query will successfully find a misspelling result, if that’s the case, Goofbay will show you the results for your exact search term so you’re not switching from the actual eBay site and Goofbay!

Free eBay Sniper – Have you ever been outbid at the very last minute because the page was taking too long to refresh? This is where the Free eBay sniping service can help, It automates the process of placing a bid within seconds of the Auction ending.
I think Goofbay offers some really great tools for casual eBayers and hardcore shoppers.
Check out Goofbay here.


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