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Since I can remember I’ve always been the guy everyone comes to when their computers are acting up and sometimes I’m left with them staring blankly at me because I can’t offer some sort of a solution and thats because I don’t have the correct tools to hand.

PortableToolKit by Novaspirit now offers a solution to that problem!


I’m never really without my phone in my hand or pocket and with the PortableToolKit app installed, the next time a friend or relative is pointing at their computer asking me to take a look I can now offer some advice and hopefully fix it in no time!

Some of the programs available in PortableToolKit

PortableToolKit contains all the software youd need to remove viruses, spyware & malicious files and it even contains password recovery software too.

This app contains both full installations as well as portable versions of selected software so there’s no need to install the program onto the infected computer.

The app also features a HTTP file server so you don’t have to carry around your phone cable in the event of someone needing their computer seeing to.

HTTP Fileserver for PortableToolKit

PortableToolKit features some of the following software:

ClamWin AntiVirus
Spybot S&D
Ultimate Defrag
&many more..

So how does it work?

You can access a remote server that contains all of the installation files for each program, you then download the file from the server that’s then stored in your phone. From there you either connect to the computer with your cable or via the HTTP file server and then install the software onto the infected PC.

It’s as simple as that.

You cab find the PortableToolKit app on the Google Play Store.

The current version is add supported with a slightly annoying pop-up but the developer has informed me that an ad free pro version will be available soon.

Notable App

Another great app by Novaspirit is Photo Share Webserver. It’s a much more simpler version of AirDroid that’s mainly for transferring picture apps. It’s easy to use, simple and free!

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