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Developing an app is hard enough as it is, and trying to keep up with all of the crash reports and bug reports can be a nightmare.. This is where a new service called Zubhium comes in to help..
Founded in the first week of February 2012, Zubhium is currently an Android only service that aims to help developers distribute their app better and offer different services that helps them from development to store release.

Zubhium requires the developer to integrate the Zubhium Library and a small amount of code into their app during the build process, the developer then completes their app or game and uploads the beta build onto the Zubhium platform. From there the developer can Tweet or share via Facebook a link to their app or games APK for users to test out before its official release, and once released offer real time crash reporting and user feedback.

The Zubhium platform can be used during all stages of development. During development and testing, developers can upload and share their beta builds with their teams and friends. The developer can also push their application or game onto their app store of choice (Play Store, Amazon Store, Vodafone Store, etc) with the Zubhium SDK to get real time crash reports and user feedback without having the user leave a bad review and negative rating on the market. This gives the developer a more personal experience with the user.

If you’re worried about your beta being re-distributed without your permission, the developer is in total control, with the use of a kill switch which allows the developer to expire their beta once they’ve released their app to the market.

Zubhium are currently in beta themselves, so if you hurry you can get your hands on all of their features for free.
They’re currently working on their pricing plans and are hoping to make their features affordable for all developers whether they’re small indie companies to large established companies.

The future of Zubhium seems bright, they’re working on expanding their service to iOS and Windows platforms and they have already worked with some big names in the Android Market. (Pulse and TuneIn)

I’m not a developer myself, but I have attempted to build an app and trust me, it’s not easy. I think Zubhium is a brilliant platform for developers to manage their apps or games on a user friendly interface that displays all the right information to be able tweak and fix their apps or games to make them a more polished product before pushing it onto the Play Store.

You can find more detailed information about Zubhium and the service they offer here.

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