We heard a few days ago that PicPlz has closed down which is terrible news also before that, Lightbox Photo had called it a day too (no thanks to Facebook). Not to mention the obvious.. As we all know, Facebook has also purchased Instagram. So far nothing out of the ordinary has happened to Instagram other than the mass closure of hipster accounts within a week of the acquisition announcement but what’s really happening to our beloved photo sharing services?

I wrote this post a little while back offering some neat alternatives to Instagram, but it’s now completley irrelevant due to half of the apps closing.

I would like to take the chance to point to the obvious. Facebook. They released a camera app for Android a few months ago along with a messaging app but they disappeared as soon as they came, and a few weeks ago they released a Facebook Camera app onto iOS devices and as far as I’m aware, it’s still available. What are Facebook upto?

Are they planning on taking on Flickr?

It’s been said that about 6 billion photo’s are uploaded to Facebook every month which makes Instagrams estimated 1 billion photo’s total by April seem absolutely minuscule and even Flickr have some competition with only 48 million photos uploaded every month (based on 2011 stats). Which leads me to believe that the closure of our favourite photo sharing apps is similar to the closure of our local green grocer due to a huge Tesco being built.

But nobody likes the big guy.. do they? Maybe not, but I can see big things coming from Facebook with their acquisition of Instagram and the developers of Lightbox Photo. I’m not expecting much in the way of an application as Facebook don’t seem to be able to take care of their own app, never mind a dedicated photo sharing app. But perhaps something in the way of an online platform they could excel at, a built in photo editor within Facebook maybe? Even some downloadable software with Facebook integration.

FacebookShop maybe?

What are your thoughts on all of this? Leave a comment below!

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