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After renewing my Plus membership I came across the availability of Deus Ex: Human Revolution for free. Instantly, I was drawn to download it and about 8GB later, I was ready to play.

I should mention that I played briefly the previous Deus Ex games, not enough to have a valuable or even clear opinion. However, with the buzz that was created around this new released, and thanks to this PSN giveaway, I simply could not resist to try it out!

Human Revolutions was developed by Eidos Montreal and published by Square Enix, released on mid-2011, and can be classified as a stealth action role-playing game. Deus Ex Human Revolution ScreenshotWhile stealth and action can seem counterintuitive for some, others who know the franchise will know what I mean. Deus Ex games are normally filled with an interesting story in which you have control over how you act upon situations. In the game, you can progress using a methodical, intelligent and stealth mode, clearing each stage with minimum kills, no alarms activated, etc.; or otherwise as a gun-in-hand machine which fires as much bullets as the number of frames the game has. In fact, you can merge styles or jump between one and another throughout your gameplay. Seems interesting? It is. More freedom, means more possibilities, which translates into a sensation that the game adapts to our intended view of it. However, as expected more freedom also means more complicated menus, the possibility of more bugs, etc. I will let you judge for yourself how balanced it is. If the curiosity is building up, check the trailer:

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I have not yet finished the game, as sometimes my stealth mode is maybe too stealth, taking me more time to finish any stage. I can say that I am really impressed: the cutscenes have been interesting and kept me wondering more about the story; the action is fast although with some break times which allow me to investigate an area or search for items; and the awesome freedom of choice. As could be expected, not all is perfect, being the most clear for me the fact that sometimes the characters emotions and smooth movements could have been improved. Nevertheless, I feel I’ll leave my other games alone until I see the end of this one. Finally, check out the GameSpot video review, which gives a good evaluation of the game’s pros and cons:

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The critics say it’s a good one (9/10 EuroGamer; 90/100 Metacritic), and from what I played, I am convinced. If you haven’t played it yet, and want some good hours of gameplay and story, get a copy and enjoy. Let me know what you think.

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Protip, don’t link to another sites review within your review for your readers to get an impression of the game in question.


Thanks for that awesome protip! We’ll be sure to remember this for future reference!