Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips

If there’s three things I love, amongst the many things that I love its EpicMealTime, apps and back rubs. And you can’t get everything you want. But two out of three aint that bad.

It’s happened, those crazy Canadians from the internet have finally released an app. And it’s exactly something you would expect from EpicMealTime: Food and alcohol consumption on a next level. Now, I’m a big fan of EpicMealTime and when I found out about the game I didn’t hesitate to buy it. And I’m glad I did it’s a fun, addictive game that demands you feed the Sauce Boss himself Harley copious amounts of bacon, burgers and booze. The game is made by Molecube, a Quebec based game studio who I haven’t really heard of before but if their new app is anything to go off they’re a studio with some serious ability to make great games.


The game itself is like the videos they make. The fat and calorie counter sit at the bottom of the screen this time working to keep track of your score. I was also really impressed with the start screen its more like a hub for all your EMT needs. It has stills of the newest video and when pressed will open up the video, you can go right to the store and buy your own EpicMealTime t-shirts, purchase upgrades for Harley and view challenges to get more ‘Internet Money’ to spend on those upgrades. The game play is simple, effective and addictive you drag the food to the Sauce Boss’ mouth whilst, just like in their videos avoiding the vegetables. And using the likes of Jack Daniels and Four Loko to give you special power ups like slow down time and a wall to protect you against the vegetables.



Use different caps to have an advantage over the game. Wearing one makes certain foods worth more points but the rest worth half. For each advantage they give the player they will also have an adverse effect on the game too, which is a good touch. It makes you choose a hat to your play style. When tackling the larger more epic creations that pop up you are told to tap as quick as possible to tally up the most fat and calories to add to your score. You’ll come across the likes of Turbacon, Meat Cthulu and  my favorite the Super Sloppy Sundae.

Overall this game is great and well worth £1.49 in my eyes. And is available on both iOS and Android. Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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