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I’ve been a follower of the PolarfoxApp for a while now, I’ve written a review about it & also written an update about, well, the update!

For a while now it’s been an invite only beta where you have to sign up with your email & wait to be sent an invite. If you’re one of those people who’ve signed up, but haven’t received an invite link then today could be your day.

On both PolarfoxApps Tumblr and blog, the above image has been posted with little  information, but if you’ve got a good eye, you’ll probably notice the out of focus “OAD NOW” at the bottom of the image.

I may be a little over excited and jumping to conclusions, but to me, that looks like a preview of the website but with a “Download Now” button instead of a “Sign up for an invite” link!

I’d recommend you keep an eye out on their website today & hopefully (fingers crossed) grab yourself a download of the Polarfox App.

UPDATE: I have just heard from the developer of the PolarfoxApp and he has informed me that he is opening up the beta in a few hours!

Link: PolarfoxApp Website.

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