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We currently spend 30% of our online time on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and some more than others posting on sites such as Tumblr and Instagram. But how would you feel if one day it all went wrong? What if the sites went down and lost all of your data?

Some examples:
Gmail is renowned for losing and resetting data, and I’m sure we’ve all got some important emails we don’t want to lose especially if you use Gmail as your main email service.

Another supported service; LinkedIn had some issues with some accounts being hacked a few months ago and for those of you who rely on LinkedIn for business and have a vast collection of business contacts the last thing you’d want is to lose all of that information too!

Personally I would be devastated if I lost all of my pictures & things that I’d posted on Tumblr & Twitter & Facebook (to name a few).

This is where Frostbox steps in.

Frostbox is a freemium service that’s hopefully rolling out their first invite only beta next month. They offer a cloud service that not only does the usual thing cloud storage does (file storage and sharing), Frostbox also offers a complete social media backup service.

Never worry about losing your data if something goes wrong with your accounts or if a disgruntled ex decides to delete your account!

Frostbox is the brainchild of Shane Robinson and Maggie Foggin and has been in development since the beginning of 2011 and they have certainly kept their cards very close to their chests. In the mean time they’ve been slowly growing their own social media and releasing a few bits of information here and there. They did show Frostbox off at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam and we’re greatly received, and even had interest from some investors!

Frostbox aims to provide a complete Web applications backup service that so far covers the following sites:


And the following sites are currently being worked on:

Google Docs

Frostbox also has the ability to add an encryption to your files for added security!

I actually can’t wait for this service to become available. I would have found this service super useful in about 2005, back in the MySpace days when people were deleting profiles out of angst or having their profiles reported out of spite and resulting in getting their account removed.

But moving on.

Upon release Frostbox is set to come with 2GB free storage and pricing isn’t set in stone just yet. (If it was up to Maggie she’d let you all have it for free).

So hurry and head on over to the site right now you can reserve your account name & sign up for the pre-beta release.

Link: Frostbox Website.

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Muhammad Asghar

Frostbox Looks awesome :) I will love to use this,


Thank you Sir for your kind words. Our Penguins are ecstatic!

Technical Terminator
Technical Terminator

Looks good. I will defo be giving this a wirl.

Ahmed Zubair
Ahmed Zubair

Wow the beta version is free, I'ed surely use it!

The Frostbox Gang
The Frostbox Gang

We are looking forward to getting you on board! There will always be a free option available. Oh yeah!