Groundskeeper Competition


The Competition is now open! find it here!


It’s almost here! This is n3rdabl3’s first competition and you could win a £20 (or your country’s equivalent currency) Amazon Gift Card .

The competition begins on Monday the 23rd at one minute past midnight GMT (12:01am GMT) and the competition requires you to download the free Android game Groundskeeper an awesome retro zombie shooter, and get the highest score. You’ve got until one minute past midnight (12:01 GMT) on the 1st of August to enter and get the best score possible.

Groundskeeper has the ability to tweet your score onto Twitter and that’s how your score will be counted. You will be required to follow n3rdabl3 on Twitter if you’re not already, tweet your score, share your score on the official post (on the 23rd) as well as a link to the tweet, your score will be checked by our n3rdabl3 ninja’s to check if it’s legit, and then your score will be added to our leader board.

To give others a chance to hear about this competition you also have the option to tweet the following pre-composed tweet:

“I’ve just entered @n3rdabl3’s Groundskeeper Competition for a chance to win a £20 Amazon gift card!”

And for those of you who do tweet this pre-composed message, you’ll get a Follow Friday mention from the n3rdabl3 Twitter account!

I hope you’re all as excited as I am about this competition & have fun while you’re at it! Download Groundskeeper now and get practising!

Unfortunately for iOS users you can’t enter this competition as it’s an Android only game, but don’t be sad, I’m planning an iOS only competition in the near future with the same prize so be sure to follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss out. (Or if you really can’t wait just find a buddy with an Android phone & do it that way).

There will be rules and T’s&C’s on the official post on the 23rd so keep an eye out for the official post!

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