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Ever since I started using Windows PC’s many, many moons ago I’ve always hated the time it takes for most virus scanners, malware detector scanners and various performance boosters to complete and release your computer from their CPU suffocating embrace. This new Kickstarter “Jumpshot” aims to help solve the drag of watching the progress bar complete by doing all of the work in the background while you work on their integrated UI and web browser.

I’ve always been “that guy” in my family that receives a call every time something goes wrong with a friends or family members computer and I’m always sitting for hours running scanner after scanner to try and find out what the problem is. But with Jumpshot, you can be the one that’s in control of sorting out your own PC! The Jumpshot software comes in the form of a USB stick that’s located underneath one of the cute characters located above.

What does Jumpshot do?

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Jumpshot “sedates” your PC so any nasties running in the background are deactivated and are more easily removed once the Jumpshot software runs.

Jumpshot then does a large variety of different things, some of which you can find in this infographic, each of which is personalised with a character of it’s very own:

jumpshot infographic

What’s great about this PC utility is that once it’s done, it doesn’t throw a “log” full of computer nonsense, the “minions” talk you through what was wrong and what was fixed and also tells you how much “Karma” you’ve earned! Oh and did I mention that Kickshot have included their own browser in the user interface so while the minions are doing their work, you’re free to do yours!

What’s Karma?

Karma is something you earn every time you use the Jumpshot software. Jumpshot have really tried to make the process of optimizing your computer more of a social game, which is great!

How can I get my own Jumpshot USB Stick?

This project has actually been fully funded on Kickstarter with 52 days left to go (as of writing) and not only that, they’ve more than doubled their original $25,000 pledge and the pledge fund currently stands at just over $64,000 which is incredible!

If you’re interested in backing Jumpshot you can check out their Kickstarter page here, and also check out some of the awesome swag they’re offering too! (I really wan’t an Officer Pete t-shirt!)

Link: Jumpshot Kickstarter

Images taken from the Jumpshot Kickstarter site.

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