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Story Time

Located in the Northeastern section of Pennsylvania is a small town known as Scranton. This town may ring a bell from the hit series The Office. It is typically the first thing that enters society’s mind when they hear the name of this old coal mining town, or the fact that the city is now facing tremendous debt and on the verge of bankruptcy. Long time inhabitants of Scranton are moving away to simply find a job. The police officers and fire fighters of this town currently make less than teenagers employed at local ice cream shops. However, in the midst of this plummeting town is a new “office.” Kuhcoon is a new tech company located in Scranton that is a light in this gloomy town. Three college guys founded this company that could potentially put Scranton back on the map!

Social Media in Society

In current society, almost everyone is utilizing social media, and business owners have recognized the demand for online business.

As a company, whether you’re just getting started or are well established, a social networking account can benefit you and your business tremendously. Furthermore, building and maintaining an online social media profile takes significant time and energy, which can potentially steal time from other crucial company obligations.

This is where Kuhcoon steps in.

Kuhcoon is a Social Media Service Platform that offers a wide range of services to help a business grow its social media presence.  Kuhcoon’s team generates a social media strategy for their clients and manages all the company’s accounts (ex: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest).  This involves a personal meeting with members of Kuhcoon and the company’s community manager to develop a social media strategy to optimize your company’s social media presence.

Kuhcoon was formed in early October 2011 by Andrew Torba (CEO) and Charles Szymanski (CTO). Since then, the Kuhcoon team has grown considerably. It consists of five full time employees and three interns and so far managing to generate roughly $2,500 per month as well as an average of four new clients per week. They’ve also managed to build a social network of over 9,500 followers. Clearly, these guys are doing something right!!

What they offer:

Kuhcoon’s service comes in two tiers;

The first tier is mainly based around the Kuhcoon website. Currently under development, the Kuhcoon website aims to offer a one stop platform for managing all of your social media accounts. Pricing for this service is very competitive and unique to each client. Kuhcoon pricing ranges from $300-$1,500 per month per social media account, and the pricing model differs from client to client.

Kuhcoon currently has its own management software in development. The company aims to open up the platform in October 2012.

Kuhcoon’s Management Service Feature

Daily Content Creation and User Interaction
Everyday we create content that will help inspire a conversation around your
brand. We have several different types of publishing styles including
professional, quirky, informative, funny, conversational, and motivational. We
engage and interact with users who interact with your brand’s content and will guide them in
the right direction if they have a question or problem and most importantly, drive them to your business.

Monthly Analytical Reports
Each month we will provide you with a detailed analytical report, measuring brand
growth, customer demographics, customer interaction, and brand mentions. This
data is priceless to business owners and will provide valuable insights into the
community and customer demographic of the brand’s online persona.

“Listening” for Brand Mentions Across the Internet
There are billions of posts created across the Internet on a daily basis. Our team
will make sense of this noise and “listen” for customers talking about your brand
across blogs, forums, and social networks. We will engage with these customers
and direct them to your business or a customer service representative in your company to help
them solve a problem or issue a proper complaint.

Account Optimization
Keeping up with the ever-changing world of social media is tough for busy
business owners. We will make sure your accounts adapt to changes made to
social media platforms and we will optimize your current account to be more
interactive with engaging content while welcoming to fans of your brand.

Highly Targeted Twitter Account Growth
Growing your online community can be tricky, but with our powerful proprietary
techniques and strategies we will target a specific market and increase the
growth of your brand’s online presence. We will focus on targeting users that
match your customer market and growing a community of engaged and active

Data-driven Post Scheduling
Knowing the right time to post content is the key to driving interaction and growth
for your brand’s online presence. By applying data-driven analysis’ our team can
predict the best time to post content in order to receive the highest amount of

The service Kuhcoon offers is impressive, not only do they offer social media management, they also intertwine their marketing expertise to help your business grow as a company as well as online.

One thing though; I’m not saying what Kuhcoon offers is something you have to pay for. Everything they offer in terms of social media management can be done by yourself.
I won’t go into details on how to do it, but it can be done, but it takes time and that’s one of the things that Kuhcoon is offering. They offer a social marketing service and platform that can take away the hassle of marketing your business online as well as a vast amount of marketing expertise to work out a proper social marketing strategy,  and let you get on with what’s important – your business.

Link: Kuhcoon.com

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