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State of Play Games announced today the launch of it’s sweet little puzzle game Lume that’s made entirely from paper and cardboard on the Android platform!

lume set

Lume is already a big hit on the PC, Mac App Store and iOS and is available on the Google Play Store now! (along with the Kindle Fire and the NOOK).

Players take the role of Lumi and you discover that power to her Grandfathers house has gone along with Grandpa himself! You must solve cryptic paper puzzles and immerse yourself in the beautifully paper realistic world to help restore power and find the old timer.
The game is predominantly a point and click adventure game filled with puzzles, and a deep mysterious storyline on the real reasons behind the black-out.

The game on the Google Play Store is Part 1 of a larger, on going story.

State of Play games specialise in hand crafted high quality games and have so far developed two games for iOS, Lume and Headspin: Storybook which was one of Apples ‘Best iPad apps of 2010’. Lume is currently their first app for the Android platform but let’s hope for more! Along with their small catalogue of mobile games they’ve also developed games for the likes of MTV, MiniClip, and the BBC – to name a few. They don’t just develop games either, they’ve made some animations for OXFAM, the BBC, Christian Aid, and Macmillan.

You can get Lume via one of the links below..

Lume on the Google Play Store
Lume on the Kindle Fire
Lume on the NOOK 
Lume on iOS
Lume on Steam
Lume on Mac

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