Desert Track
A race against a shadow opponent

Once again I find myself talking about Ubisoft, or at least one of their studios – RedLynx you may now them from the smash XBL arcade games Trials HD and Trial Revolution. But we aren’t here to talk about those games we are hear to talk about MotoHeroz, a game originally for WiiWare and now available for iOS. But wait there’s more! some of the eagle eyed of you will of seen that today Ubisoft announced as a 48 hour promotion that this little gem would be free to download to all.

A race against a shadow opponent


The game sticks with what RedLynx knows best and that is the tricky physics based obstacle course / track. And it works! It’s a simple game but with enough of a visual element to keep you glued to the screen. You can pit your self against either an AI shadow or another player in the form of a red shadow, where you go through maps including scorching deserts, thick forests and even to the future! All with unique and amusing takes on vehicles.

The game also features a fancy musical input too, complementing each world. There aren’t many drawbacks to the games itself apart from the only one that bothered me and that was the amount of time it took to connect with another player. I found myself sometimes bypassing that feature simply because it took awhile to find someone else.


I would of bought this game regardless if it was free or not, but if you’re unsure you should hurry and get it whilst you still can for free. Overall its a fun game which does exactly what you expect from a company so well know for their physics based racing game.

Link: MotoHeroz on the App Store.

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