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Astrid Task/To-do List has been a favourite of mine for a while now and those of you who read Lifehacker must also agree!

The app has been voted the best to-do list app out of a possible 5 by the readers of Lifehacker and to celebrate Astrid have dropped the price of their Power Pack add-on by 50%!

What’s the Power Pack add-on?

The power pack add-on enables some neat features like;

-4×4, 4×3, and 4×2 widgets.
-The ability to add tasks by voice.
-Voice reminders.

Hurry up get the power pack while it’s on offer for £1.28 ($1.99)!

astrid pp



Astrid Power Pack on Google Play.
Lifehakers High Five follow up (July 10th 2012).

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