OnLive will arrive on OUYA at launch
OnLive will arrive on OUYA at launch
News: OnLive coming to OUYA console - n3rdabl3
OnLive will arrive on OUYA at launch

In an unexpected move, OnLive have announced a partnership with OUYA that will bring their cloud gaming service to the OUYA console at launch.

For the unfamiliar, OUYA is an Android-based game console, due for launch in March 2013. OUYA hit headlines as a Kickstarter-funded project that smashed all expectations, and currently has more than $5,500,000 of funding – impressive for a project that only aimed to raise $950,000.

OnLive will bring high-end graphics and high-profile AAA games to OUYA, the likes of which wouldn’t otherwise be possible on OUYA. OnLive does this by rendering graphics in the cloud and streaming them to the console.

This may seem like an odd move for OnLive, who already have their own console system – but perhaps by shifting their focus away from hardware the OnLive team can focus on making their cloud-gaming service even better. Read our review of OnLive service and console here.

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