Sanctum has caused a big impact on the Steam store and if winning the community’s vote for last week’s Community Sale wasn’t good enough there’s now good news for Mac Steam users, It’s now set to come to Mac on the 13th of August!

Sanctum screenshotFor those of you who don’t know about Sanctum; Sanctum is a fresh take on the heavily over saturated tower defence genre. Sure, you’ve got towers, that are defending “The Core”, but this game takes it to the next level by throwing you right into the middle of the action just like a FPS style shooter!

Players take on the role of Skye who’s been sent out to defend her town Elysion One from waves of giant creatures and monsters.

You can also play co-operatively with up to 4 online players!

Simply put Sanctum takes the maze building, tower creating and monster wave elements from any great tower defence game and throws it together with an awesome HALO style futuristic FPS style game that’s pretty freaking awesome.

According to the press release:

“Those who ownSanctum now will see a separate Beta version in their games list that they can download and test. For those who don’t have the game yet, hopefuls can apply for a beta key here:

Checkout the awesome trailer below too!

Sanctum on Steam


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