Notpron truly is the hardest riddle available on the internet. It consists of 140 complicated puzzles, each requiring some sort of skilled yet obvious answer.

As you can guess, the name of the site is an obvious play on words, using internet lingo for porn. The site is also sometimes known as notpr0n.

Notpron is a website created by David Münnich in  2004. The website consists of 140 pictures, some include obvious clickables, whereas others contain subtle hints and clues that help with the answer. According to the website, only 24 people out of a little over 16 million visitors (since Aug 04) have been “certified” for completing the game. A pretty small number, but bare in mind that that’s only people who have been certified, there may be others out there who have completed this notorious game!

What makes this game great is that it’s not an obvious point and click, spot the difference type of puzzle, it involves Google searches and also some knowledge with computer lingo & changing URLS. If you’re not sure what I mean scroll down below the spoiler alert for an example of what I’m talking about.

Now what are you waiting for? Try your hand at this game over at


I’ll talk you through the first few levels so you get a better understanding of the game;

Level 1 – Fairly simple, a photo of a door with the words “Enter the door” underneath.

The solution: Just click the door!

Level 2 –  Another doorway but this time but with a hand pointing up, also if you rollover the door handle you’re met with a pop-up that says “The door is closed. Trick it or reach LEVEL 3 in a different way! (Address? Where is the hand pointing?)”

The solution: Change the URL from “” to “

Level 3 – Another creepy image, but this time of some wooden blocks, you can sit for ages searching for something to click, but that’s not the case and you’ve probably missed the sentence flashing up in the top right for a split second. If you’ve got a good eye though, you’ll notice that it says “Stop being so negative”.

Also, notice the page title “Turn me ON!”?

The solution: This is where things start to get a bit tech-y if you’re good at science and circuits, you know that the opposite of negative is positive, and in a circuit this would turn the light “on” for example. Now if you’re a computer nerd, you know that with binary, to have the circuit on, the binary number has to be 1 (true). Now notice the URL? “” If you haven’t worked it out by now, change “false” to “true”.

That’s all for now, and the rest is up to you! Leave a comment below and let me know how you get on!

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