escape rosecliff island

Me an my wife are both HUGE fans of Big Fish Games’ vast selection of hidden object games and Escape Rosecliff Island is one of the best ones we’ve played so far.rosecliff

In Escape Rosecliff Island you find yourself shipwrecked on a mysterious private island and your left with a series of puzzles to seek and find clues and helpful objects to help you Escape Rosecliff Island!

The storyline is gripping as well as a little creepy with realistic “ghost” cut scenes and eerie noises to make your puzzle solving that little bit more interesting.

It isn’t all about hidden object puzzle games either, you’re also faced with a bunch of mini games to shake things up a bit, such as a Bejeweled-esqe “match 3” puzzles, memory games and jigsaw puzzles just to name a few..

Escape Rosecliff IslandYou’ve also got the choice between timed and un-timed games. With the timed games you’ve got 2o minutes for each puzzle, that may seem a lot of time, but trust me some of those hidden objects are impossible to find! Lucky for you, you can get some hints along the way!

The artwork for this game is pretty awesome and the way they’ve incorporated so many objects into one image is pretty impressive too!

The game itself is developed by Spin-Top games – Famous for Bejeweled 3 and the Mystery P.I. games and published by a variety of publishers such as Big Fish Games, PopCap Games, and You can get a hold of this game on Steam, iOS, and the other sites listed above. The price varies depending on what site you get it from, so it’s worth searching around for a decent price before downloading (Prices vary from about $4-9). If you’re not sure if you want to get the game you can also find 60 minute demo’s from the above sites too.

Escape Rosecliff Island on Steam
Escape Rosecliff Island on iOS
Escape Rosecliff Island on Big Fish Games
Escape Rosecliff Island on PopCap Games
Escape Rosecliff Island on
Escape Rosecliff Island on Spin-Top Games


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