Pix’n Love Rush

Developed by AMA, Pix’n Love Rush is a retro LCD style 8 bit game which is pure nostalgia for the arcade games of the 80’s.

Test your reflexes and your quick fingers in this fast paced platformer in a variety of game modes such as a Classic Rush, Cursed Rush, Rainbow Rush or an On-Off Rush. Guide the little pixel monster through a range of different levels and level types while collecting the positive coins but avoiding the negative coins and the evil bats (which you can shoot down by the way for extra points).

The game modes are:

Classic Rush


You can choose either a 5 minute timed rush, or be a bad ass and do an infinite rush, whichever one you pick the game is pretty much the same, you’re faced with several different levels, some are side scrollers, some are coin collection levels, some are up scrollers others are down scrollers, each level also has different things to avoid such as evil bats, negative coins, falling platforms or falling out of frame.

As you progress and get more points, you work towards 3 different multipliers, 2x, 5x, 10x, that may seem great, but each multiplier changes the colours of the game which make it difficult to see what’s going on.

Oh, and each time you start a new game, the level order is completely random..

I actually haven’t managed to complete a 5 minute classic rush without failing!

Cursed Rush

In a Cursed Rush you’ve got 5 different levels of difficulty, Hard, Harder, Hardcore, Hardcorer, and Hardcorest – this doesn’t seem too promising.

cursed rushAs soon as you start a game you’ll notice that it’s in a really cool retro TV frame and the game colours are the classic black and white you’d find with games like Pong for example, oh and would you look at that, there’s Pong going on in the background!

This game involves jumping from platform to platform, the only problem is, each platform is a collapsing platform that falls as soon as you touch it. The further you progress you’re given less platforms to jump to.

I managed to get through 53% of a Hard level..

Rainbow Rush

rainbow rushThis one is a little similar to the Cursed Rush but this time you’ve got 4 different platforms and each time you tap the little pixel monster goes up to the next one until it reaches the top then it goes to the bottom one level, like a loop. Your aim of the game is to avoid the walls, collect the rainbows and don’t get left behind.

I’ve scored about 5500 on this!

On-Off Rush

on off rushThe On-Off Rush is all about finger/eye coordination. You begin with the lights on, and you have to collect the suns, and as soon as you reach the end of the level, you turn around and the lights turn off, that’s when you collect the moons.

I find this game incredibly entertaining and for £1.29 this game is jam packed with different game modes and challenges.


Pix’n Love Rush on Google Play

Pix’n Love Rush on iOS

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