Project Boom
Project Boom

Project Boom, the first iPad game from developers Ventora Studios, a relative newbie to the iOS scene, founded earlier this year.

The aim of the game is pretty simple, flick bombs to explode stars. You’re given a limited number of bombs per level, and the levels get gradually tougher as the stars are placed further apart or in less easy to reach areas. After you let go of a bomb it’ll count down from 3 then explode on the spot, destroying any stars within the small explosion area.

Project Boom
Project Boom

Graphics are simple, clean, and look great on the iPad’s Retina display. Unfortunately the developers have chosen not to include a Retina icon, so you’ll see a pixelated icon on your home screen if you have a 3rd gen iPad. The sound effects and music fit well with the game.

Simple gameplay like this is often a winner on iOS. Games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope shot to success by keeping their gameplay simple and easy to pick up. Project Boom shares a similar approach to gameplay, though lacks the addictive just-cant-put-it-down quality of either Cut the Rope or Angry Birds. I think the reason behind this is that the gameplay doesn’t vary enough.

I’ve one UI complaint, and it saddens me how often this comes up – the developers have chosen to hide the iPad status bar (you know, the tiny bar at the top of the screen with the time and battery status on), there’s really no need for that space to be used by the game, and it’s incredibly annoying having to quit to my iPad’s home screen just to check on the time. Please, please, please developers – stop hiding the status bar!

Project Boom is a promising effort from Ventora, and I’m excited to see where they go next, with a few tweaks Project Boom could be a great game. I should also point out that this game is free, as in totally free, no cost to download, no in-app purchases, no adverts, just plain free! So quit reading this, click our link to download, and make up your own mind :)

Download: Project Boom (App Store)

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