shaolin pets

Shaolin Pets is a great new game by Mass Creation and it offers a variety of game modes to keep you entertained.

I’m not entirely sure why it’s called Shaolin Pets, it may be to do with the three characters you can choose from, being animals… But that doesn’t really explain the ‘pets’ part.

The game involves you punching and swiping objects that are thrown at you as well as using your quick reactions to jump from one podium to the other.

Tap-fu is the first game mode that gives you six different tap zones and your aim is to tap the flying planks and pottery before it reaches the hit-zone and smacks your character on the head.

Swipe-fu is the most familiar of the three game modes and takes on the same concept as Fruit Ninja, the only difference is that you’re not using a weapon to chop through the items when you swipe, your character comes karate kicking through the air into each object.

Jump-fu is a little different, you must use your reactions and wit to line up the jump line before the podiums collapse and you fall to your death!

Along the way, you can collect a bunch of power-ups to aid your progress throughout the game.

You can kung-fu your way through an evening too by downloading Shaolin Pets for free from the Google Play Store.

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