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The last time I played Runescape was way back in 2002. This was back when the characters were in a not so impressive 2D form and chopping wood and killing monks was a drab activity that didn’t seem to offer much, but don’t get me wrong.. it was still fun! The game has since chanced a lot and is now a very close competitor to Wow. What makes this game great is that after 10+ years of action it still remains totally free to play.

2001 gameplay in all it’s glory!

Runescape is an entirely browser based game. That means it can be played within your favourite browser without having to download some dedicated client like some other free to play MMORPGs.

The Runescape site has recently added a bunch of awesome timelines and infographics with some really interesting facts like the players have chopped enough wood to reach the moon! That’s pretty impressive.

You can find some more crazy facts on the infographic below check out the timeline on the Runescape site here.

m infographic big

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