The Amazing-Spider Man

After seeing the new movie on Saturday (21st) there was nothing I wanted to do more than don my red and blue Lycra spidey suit. But there were two problems with that, firstly I don’t have one, and secondly I don’t have any super powers. So I did the next best thing and bought The Amazing Spider Man Video Game.


I have been no stranger to the streets of New York City. From the first Spider Man game I owned on the PS One and the original Spider Man Movie Trilogy Video Games. They all hold a place in my game library. So back to the game in question, from the outside it looked good it had everything I wanted: Spider Man, New York, Free Roaming and potential. And so I loaded it up and the started the game.

As a warning to you I’m not going to spoil this game for you as I haven’t finished it myself yet. The game first starts with a cut scene, like most games do. And then Ka-Pow! You’re thrown into the game with immediate action. A simple escape level begins and simple it certainly is. What I was waiting for was the main attraction, Spider Man in New York, and that took a while to get to in my opinion.

But then a couple of missions later I find myself exactly where I want to be, in New York swinging through the streets letting my feet come within inches of the sidewalk. Jumping from flag post to rooftop and rooftop to the ground with the most agile of ease. I’m a big free roaming type of guy and if a game has free roam it’s already high in my estimations. The Amazing Spider-Man didn’t fail to deliver that New York feel either.


Sadly though there are drawbacks to the game and like I said earlier I haven’t finished it yet so I’m only going off what I’ve experienced. And what I’ve experienced from the game so far is fairly simple. You are Spider Man, you go through the city to get to the start of the mission and the mission is one of two thing: fighting Oscorp robots in Oscorp or fighting dangerous cross-species somewhere else (which normally 9/10 time will have some sort of Oscorp enemy pop up too).

There are things I liked about this game too and they are the most simple things. The agile swinging you can do through the city, made a lot more fluid with the new Web Rush mode. With pin point precision whilst between swings you can choose to Land somewhere or to use a web to change your direction completely in just a matter of seconds. It makes the Spider Man experience feel a lot more realistic. As you’re browsing the city you come across small flashing comic books. Comic books to be collected and read in the extras menu. You may think that it’s not going to keep you busy for long, but you would be very wrong with 700 pages dotted about the city AND missions and no way of getting them up on your mini map it’s something that’s going to keep you very busy.

Below is the E3 trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, have a look at it and let me know what you think in the comments.

The Game is available on Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo DS & 3DS, Wii, PC, Android and iOS.


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